Goal Setting Workshop by Jim Rohn, hosted by Jeff Fiore, Millionaire Team


Are you achieving all you want to do and be? By watching and listening to this presentation you will realize the value and effectiveness of focusing on achieving all your long and short-term goals and have a plan for achieving your outcomes or results for  the immediate future and for the next 5 to 10 years whether they are in your personal life or for your business..

If our purpose and dreams are large enough the pain will be worth it the research, reading learning.  Since the very purpose of goal setting is to set out achievable goals, those goals should be challenging enough to stimulate you but realistic enough so as not to discourage you in the end.
The workshop will help you to set your own goals and desires and to arrange them into meaningful order.  

Step-by-step procedures or processes on how the set goals are included in this video and it will help you to look back on your achievements so far that made you and your family or employer proud. It will help you to dig deep and recognise your dreams and goals.

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